Friday, May 23, 2008

Twitter Applications List keeps growing

The Twitter ecosystem is alive and well despite the trials and tribulations of scalability and reliability. The list of Twitter Applications covered in "Twittering More Ways" was updated today and even includes a list of Twitter Applications. There's some recursion for you!

The updates include:

  • Tweetcube - Share files via Twitter.
  • TwitterApps - A great list of Twitter Apps.
  • IsItNiceOutside - A Twitter bot that answers the question in its name. Follow this Twitter user and send it your location. Good if you work or live in a basement.
  • 12 Ways to use Twitter more effectively - A list of useful Twitter bots and Apps like these next two services:
  • GroupTweet which allows you to broadcast privately to a pre-defined group of fellow twitter users.
  • TwitterCal which allows you to send a direct message to Google Calendar to update it.

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