Monday, November 08, 2010

#WHIT Post election scan - Michael McRaith IL Dept of Insurance

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KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Post Election Scan: States as Labs for Innovation – Implementing Reform Mandates while Driving Innovation and IT Adoption
Director McRaith Chairs NAIC’s Exchanges Working Group of the Health Insurance and Managed Care Committee and has been a key figure involved with NAIC’s efforts surrounding implementation of insurance exchange and other mandates required by the reform legislation. He will outline strategies for implementing reform mandates, progress to date, challenges and opportunities.
Michael T, McRaith
Illinois Department of Insurance 

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Illinois has the highest level of Recissions in the country.

Market Failure but the Affordable Care Act is a flawed bill but is a milestone in improvement for states like illinois.

Some companies in IL have Medical Loss Ratios as low as 50%.

How should Health Insurance Exchange have private sector approach?

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