Thursday, October 19, 2006

Update to Google Calendar Add Utilities

The Google Calendar Add utilities that were announced here have been well received. For those that have not come across these utilities they perform a very simple function. If you use the Apple Max OS X Address Book but have switched to Google's Calendar you will appreciate the simple functions these utilities perform. Basically you can select an address book entry and post a meeting or call event in Google Calendar using the information from the Address Book entry for the selected person. The Applescripts are Address Book plug-ins. They get installed in the /Library/Address Book plug-Ins folder. After restarting Address Book you have two extra context sensitive options when you ctrl-click on a person's entry in Address Book. If you ctrl-click an address label you will be offered the option to create a meeting event on Google's Calendar. If you ctrl-click on a phone label you will be offered an option to create a call event on Google's Calendar. The updated utilities now suppress "Missing Value" messages in the first and last name and organization name fields. The updated scripts can be downloaded from the ekive web site. The scripts are provided as donation ware. Anyone who provides a donation will receive updated versions of the scripts that remove the nag features.

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