Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Remembering Living with Windows

A couple of years ago I made the leap from Windows 2000 to OS X. I have never looked back. Prior to the switch I had been a long time Toshiba laptop user. In the Windows environment there was one application that I depended upon. It was a shareware application - Time & Chaos from Chaos Software. Time & Chaos is a great application. It melds together address book, calendar and to do list functionality in to a single panel. Add-on applications were available that enabled a rock solid integration with Palm PDAs. When I look back at my transition to OS X it was Time and Chaos that was the hardest application to give up even though the data was easy to transfer to the Apple OS X Address Book and to iCal. This week Chaos Software introduced Time and Chaos version 7 for Windows users. Check it out at the Time and Chaos page on the Chaos Software web site. From my experience I can recommend this excellent shareware. You can try the application before purchasing it. After purchase all point release updates are provided for free. I got to the point of buying additional licenses for other machines in order to encourage the developers. I remember going through about 40 point releases with no additional costs incurred. Highly recommended. There are features in Time and Chaos that I would love to see incorporated in to Mac OS X Address Book. Things such as memory for address fields and Company names.

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