Tuesday, September 27, 2016

#Health2con 10 Year retrospective

People Uninsured:

Dropped to 11% from 15%


2007: 46% Independent Physicians
2016: 33%

EMR Penetration

2007: 34.8% Doctors using EMRs
2016: 82.8%

Smartphone users:

2007: 9M in USA
2016: 4.7B globally

Health Apps

2011: 17k apps
2016: 165K apps

Digital Health Funding

47M grown to $4.5B


2014: 17M visits

Sensors and Self Tracking

2007: Fitbit
2008: Runkeeper

2016: Fitbit 30M devices sold.


Sequencing cost:
2007 $1M
2016: $1,245

Health Indicators

Childhood obesity Ages 2-5
10.1% in 2007 has reversed and dropped to 8.4% in 2016.

Adult Obesity: 26% grown to 34%

Food Insecurity:
2007: 11.1% american families dealing with hunger. This has grown.

Mental Health disorder:
11.2% in 2007
18.5% in 2016

Suicide Rates:
2007: 11.5
2016: 13.4 per 100k

Economic Indicators

Health Care Costs and Rank
Number 1 2.3T in 2007
Still number 1 3.5T in 2016

Prescription drug expenditures
164% increase

Proxy Stats to map to Health Impacts.

  • Big data for patient benefit
    Building diversity for everyone
  • Interoperability. We are getting there. Still plenty to do.

We need to demand price transparency.

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