Wednesday, September 28, 2016

#Health2con @BlueTopaz interviews CIO of VA Laverne Council

Fireside Chat with Laverne Council

Laverne Council is the Chief Information Officer and Assistant Secretary for Information and Technology for the Department of Veterans Affairs. She will speak about the digital future of the VA and how it will improve patient outcomes and overall efficiency.

Real time notes from the tenth annual Health2.0 fall conference.

Veterans Affairs

The President wanted to bring in people from Private Industry to modernize and improve the VA.

15 hearings on the Hill

– Enterprise Systems
– Integration with partners
– Innovation

Created a Strategy

A lot of assessments but very little implementations.

Apply Principles on Day 2.

Took 60 Days to develop a strategy.

  1. Stabilize and Streamline processes
  2. Cease to be a point of failure
  3. Drive innovation in to practice.

Train team on how to get things done.
8000 employees and 8,000 contractors.

There was no enterprise data management capability.

becoming more patient centric.

The work is hard but you can still have fun.

How does technology improve human touch in a large organization?

We don’t use data as well as we can.

There is data that we generate that is not considered.

“We want to be on FHIR”

Over 1,000 custom systems. Why?

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