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#Health2con Keynote: Ian Morrison

# Keynote: Ian Morrison

Generally acknowledged as being one of the funniest and most perceptive speakers in health care, Ian is an internationally known author, consultant and futurist. He was President at Institute for the Future in the 1990s, founded the Strategic Health Perspectives service, and is in more health care board rooms and conference halls that almost anyone. At Health 2.0 Ian will share his latest insights into the future of health care — and yes, he used to be Matthew Holt’s boss and never minded lending out his jokes. Matthew’s still telling them

Real time notes from the tenth annual Health2.0 fall conference.


Twitter: @seccurve

Innovation at Scale is a big challenge.

Ian gives shout out to Matthew Holt and Jane Sarasohn Kahn (@HealthyThinker)

The US Health Care system is 2x the Italian Economy ($3.4T v $1.8T) and just as well organized….

Not many very big companies in a $3T industry.

Why is it so hard to disrupt Healthcare?

What can Health 2.0 Deliver?

Put data into a suppository in the sky….

An industry that moves at glacial pace.
HIPPA will make you blow your brains out.
The big players will road block you.

Current Innovations are duplicative or additive not rtruly disruptive.

Need to constructively engage with the billion dollar health systems.. People will still get sick, frail and vulnerable.

Show the badges for all the new shiny objects but with zero adoption.

Pilotitis – Each free pilot costs $1M.

Progress and Promise:

  • Coverage Expansion
  • Payment Reform
    (ACO’s, MACRA etc.)
  • Volume to Value
  • Consolidation and Integration
  • Delivery Shift to Ambulatory Environment
  • IT Infrastructure (EHRs, Telehealth)
  • Enhancing the Consumer/Provider Experience.

High Deductible health care is a blunt instrument.
High bar of service in world of Applem Open Table and Uber.

“Meaningless Use”

1 in 4 consumers remains powerless.

“If you want to find dissatisfaction go survey the french”

Physicians and Patients feel powerless and dissatisfied.

Scribes the fastest growing role in healthcare.

Health Systems – There are some innovation Leaders

Kaiser Permanante has added 1M Medicaid subscribers in the past 18 months.

Opportunities to engage Large Health Systems with Digital Innovations

  • Consumer apps
  • Chronic Care
  • Post-acute care transitions
  • Population health initiatives
  • Operations 2.0 – core clinical systems (Where the money and waste is)

Promising stories:

  • Omada
  • Augmedix (scribes)
  • HealthLoop
  • Bookmd

What can Health 20 Bring?

  • Simple
  • Cheaper
  • Virtual
  • Digital
  • Scalable

5 yrs to get this right.

Or solutions and fixed costs will be imposed from above.

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