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#Health2con @boltyboy keynote and @Jonathan_Bush @epatientDave @DworkingDarren @GrandRoundsInc

Keynote: Matthew Holt

Matthew will introduce a new way to think about how health care delivery is changing because of technology. Somewhere in this Matthew and Jonathan Bush, CEO, athenahealth, will resume their long running banter!

Real time notes from the tenth annual Health2.0 fall conference.

Patients will change Healthcare

Being in Taxi cabs or Bookstores is not a great business these days.

Wake up Healthcare.

Three types of Patient

  1. Healthy
  2. Acutely Ill
  3. Chronically Ill

Healthcare is still one size fits all.
But we have the ability to target the individual.

Healthy – Asynchronous tools, Wellness tools, Telehealth

Ill – OMada Health and other tools

Chroically Ill
– Coaching
– Self Management
– Monitoring

Becoming Acutely Ill
– Diagnostics
– Data

Acutely Ill:
– Data Records
– System Tools
– Professional Tools

Diagnosis and Support:
work across all groups

Follow up tools

One size no longer fits all.

Why hasn’t Real Estate and Car buying changed.

Back with Jonathan Bush

“Health 2.0 needs to rebrand because the Government has got just about everyone on a shit EMR.”

“God bless Andy Slavitt”

“Remember there was a time when Allscripts was cool”

The world is done with digital medicine = they want networked medicine

EMRs will always suck unless they give you more information that you give it.

Future of Tech Enabled Services

@epatientDave Excellence and Convenience is important.

Experiencing the world of information Coordination across multiple providers.

“I want to deal with my Health Insurance company as much as my Car insurer.”

Owen Tripp – Grand Rounds, Inc.

67% of people were getting material mistakes in their treatment.
Could they scale a solution that gives everyone access to great diagnosis and expert opinion.

The Patient – Provider match is critically important
Same Day Second Opinion.

Patients can connect with Grand Rounds directly while undergoing treatment with another provider.

Cedars- Sinai Health System – Darren Dworkin

Leading hospital system in Los Angeles.

1,,000 bed hospital + 150 bed hospital added.
Added Ambulatory Services
Building Primary Care capacity.

“Building an Ecosystem”
Looking at how to partner.

“Technology is n’t part of our strategy.” Other larger goals. Technology is just an enabler.

Focusing on building platforms.
eg. Documentation system was not for digitization but a base for Clinical Decision Support.

The patient will become an extension of the care team. More diagnostics will take place in the home.

Jonathan Bush

Hospital Systems have maxed out. 6% of people are sick. 92% are not.

The opportunity for Health Systems is to go digital and then scale the services that ca be delivered digitally.
Emergency room may not scale.

Supporting 9,800 medical groups.

It is too exhausting to do traditional integration.

“I think the internet will be a big thing”


  • Helena Plater-Zyberk, CEO

Average Back Pain incident costs $2400.

video demonstrations and use household items to assist. eg. towels.

Delivering at 8% of cost of traditional services @bright_health

  • Julia Millard

Smart Exam System

Ask more questions dynamically (25-75) than a provider has capacity to ask

integrates payment or billing to insurance.

HealthLoop – Todd Johnson CEO @Healthloop

Today- at discharge “Hope is the strategy”

Healthloop engages patients before surgery to help them prepare and follow sup afterwards.

Technology should get rid of the drudgery and support the clinicians.

Sumit Nagpal CEO

portable blood test device.

Using a tiny drop of blood instead of drawing vials of blood.

Results flow in to EMR and PHR.

A connected disposable patch.
eg. to detect aphib.

deploying in US and UK/

integrate with Social Media and third party wearables.

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