Wednesday, September 28, 2016

#Health2con Industry Leader Awards

Real time notes from the tenth annual Health2.0 fall conference.

Industry Leaders

  • Roberto Ascione @robertoascione
  • Helen Figge @HelenLFigge1
  • Jonathan Bush @Jonathan_Bush
  • Susannah Fox @Susannah_Fox (Unable to attend)

10 Year Global Retrospective Awards: Industry Leaders

Over the past ten years, we have been impressed by the drive and enthusiasm brought to our events by the many innovators in the health tech space. This award honors those industry leaders whose dedication and creativity has spurred positive changes in their field.

Helen Figge – LumiraDX

You can’t get anywhere without clinicians.
So many people have drunk the kool-aid but it is still no better.

“Government intervention has killed us.”

Jonathan Bush “I think you make a very good point”

Roberto Ascione – Digital Physician

Spreading the Health 2.0 family globally has been incredibly important.

Jonathan Bush – Athena Health

Athena Health grew out of a health pregnancy clinic where they had to deal with claims and people wanted help dealing with the painful world of handling claims.

“We are starting to see real traction”

Roberto Ascione wins the award as Industry Leader.

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