Monday, February 02, 2015

#ONC2015 Opening Remarks from Karen DeSalvo @KBDeSalvo

I am live blogging from the #ONC2015 Annual Meeting. Follow the stream on Twitter at #ONC2015

Opening Remarks

Karen DeSalvo reflects on her first year at ONCHIT. Her focus:

  • Break down silos using Interoperability
  • Listen to partners and collaborators

Moving from a 10 year catalyst role in stimulating Health IT and moving to a focus on Interoperability.

Listening to issues in applying Meaningful Use Stage 2. Adding flexibility in 365 day reporting rule. Also looking to develop an MU3 that focuses on interoperability.

Digitization of the Care Experience. The vast majority of hospitals are using EHRs. Health Information Technology (HIT) continues to advance. The care experience is moving to a place where health happens beyond the traditional boundaries of hospitals and other health care settings.

We have to meet people where they are.

  • Organizations need interoperability between systems used within the organization.
  • Access to broadband is a major issue in rural communities.

HIT is the key to better care and better health.

Three pathways to a Learning Health System:

  1. Clear Standards that can be built on iteratively
  2. Collective environment that is secure for patients data and respects privacy of patient.

Success in 3 years looks like:
– Common Clinical Dataset that moves with the patient
– Used for quality reporting

Publishing standards and using levers that point to them.

We need to move towards RESTful approach – eg. FHIR

Common business practices and standards. Recognize trusted entities and hold them accountable.

HealthIT can be magic when it helps patients manage their health better and integrates with their trusted providers.

Precision Medicine – Genetic Makeup will tailor medications for even simplest health issues.

Health IT is the opportunity to deliver better health for all, regardless of whether they have insurance or not.

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