Thursday, April 20, 2006

Google Calendar making coordination easier

The launch of Google Calendar represents a new opportunity to enable the sharing of schedule information across teams and organizations. While the corporate world is wedded to Microsoft Exchange this has created major challenges in sharing schedules between organizations. Google Calendar (gCal) threatens to break down those barriers. But there are limitations, as you would expect with a beta product. Tools are needed to synchronize the on-line and off-line worlds. On Mac OS X it is possible to subscribe to a Google Calendar. However this is a read-only subscription. Import and Export is available but after the first-time upload or download you typically need a way to only process the changes and additions that have occured. I am looking for some help in addressing some of these limitations. I am particularly interested in the implications of a mobile gCal. You can help. Please drop a comment in this blog with the following information: - Your mobile phone make and model - Your carrier - Whether your phone calendar can export a calendar entry as a vCalendar file via SMS or MMS. For example the Sony Ericsson P800 and P900 models provide Send Calendar as SMS and MMS. If enough phone models out there have this capability then we have a solution for maintaining your gCal from your phone.

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