Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thank You Mark Dixon

I was browsing around blogs about Identity and stumbled across Mark Dixon's Blog ( Somehow I am considered to be one of the "Identarati". Mark - You have done the Identity community a great service by compiling this list and help some of us (me for example) realize that we are not alone and that there is an esteemed community of experts that are working to solve some of the real challenges in the area of identity. To be listed as one of mark Dixon's Identarati is an honour. Thank you. I am humbled. All I have done is ask questions and raise issues that I see potentially holding back Web 2.0 adoption. I want to get more involved and see products and protocols like SXIP, LID, DIX OpenID, Yardis, I-Names and other grass roots approachs get some traction across the industry. We will have to be vigilent to ensure that we preserve inter-operability and avoid the complicated coding challenges that we see through divergent browser implementations. I do not believe that the public want to see a company like Microsoft or Google become the dominant Identity player - the holder of our on-line identities. A federated, competitive environment where multiple players provide services to the Internet and some basic rules and regulations ensure that an individual's identity is not held captive by the failure of a company in the market but instead is portable and can be moved to another service provider. This is the way forward. I can see a scenario where identity holders may support multiple identity services and protocols. We as customers don't care about the underlying protocols, we simply want to enter our personal information in to a secure repository once and be able to release it as needed to other parties.

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