Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Google buys a hot potato?

The net and the media has been buzzing with the news of Google's acquisition of YouTube. Michael Arrington gave a pretty good summary on TechCrunch. YouTube has been facing increasing pressure to address copyright infringement issues. At the same time they have been busy signing deals with media powerhouses such as Warner Music, NBC, CBS and others. These deals may go a long way to resolving much of the copyright infringement hot potato.

A whole new dimension

What I find interesting is the strength YouTube to the strategic Apple-Google tie up. With YouTube as a Google entity and YouTube's licensing deals for music and TV content from some of the major media powerhouses this makes Google an even more attractive partner for Apple with its iTV media hub plans. Steve Jobs can bring Disney to the table. Google has a $1 Billion dollar arrangement with Time Warner/AOL and YouTube now adds a slew of other relationships. The future looks bright for Apple and Google in our living rooms and home theaters.

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