Monday, October 02, 2006

MultiMedia Messaging heats up the Web 2.0 space

In a recent post I identified HookMobile and their forthcoming multi-media messaging platform. This weekend I stumbled across another player in the cellular MMS arena - Nakama. Nakama has just launched with a MMS upload service that can add photos and videos to your blog. While services such as flickr allow photos to be uploaded from a cellphone, nakama is far more mobile centric. As an example When you upload a photo or video the service can be configured to call your cell phone so that you can add a voice note about the upload.

This launch is further confirmation that the mobile is growing in importance in the evolution of the Internet. Nakama, like HookMobile, requires no software to be downloaded to the handset. It uses features, MMS or picture messaging, that are built in to most modern cell phones and it works with just about any carrier because the uploading is done via an email address. Do you agree that Mobile 2.0 is where the action is? Join the conversation and let me know your thoughts.

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