Monday, June 11, 2007

iLife and iWork miss out

So Steve Jobs has just finished his keynote speech at the Apple WorlWide Developers Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The suprises are Safari for Windows and the new Apple Desktop. Since this is a developers conference it was unlikely that Apple would unveil new applications of their own. With the iPhone launching at 6pm on June 29th and Mac OS X Leopard appearing in October, my bet is that iWork and iLife are going to skip a year. I would expect to see iLife'08 and iWork'08 announced at MacWorld in January. After all why launch an '07 product with only a couple of months left on the clock. What was your hit of the keynote? The new Finder? Safari for Windows? The iPhone developer plan? At least the Virtualization software developers can catch a sigh of relief. There is a clear stratification of virtual solutions and BootCamp isn't straying up the food chain. That can only be good news for Parallels. What do you think? Is iLife and iWork off the radar for the rest of the year?

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