Saturday, August 11, 2007

Noise cancelling headphones for iPhone

I recently purchased a pair of inexpensive noise cancelling headphones from Philips. These are the in-ear type, model number HNO60/37. They work great on my iPod but don't fit the iPhone headphone socket. Or at least they didn't. If you want noise cancelling headphones that work with your iPhone try this little mod. Take a sharp modelling knife and run it around the base of the headphone plug on the Philips headphones. Make the cut approximately 2mm or 1/16th of an inch up from the base. cut down just deep enough to score the outer casing. The sliver of outer casing should then slide off. Voila, Your headphone plug will now fit the recessed socket of your iPhone. Now I know this doesn't give you a phone headset with microphone but this hack is great for when you are on a plane flight and can't receive calls.

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