Thursday, March 06, 2008

AOL Opening 30 new sites

I am going to be very interested in the 30 sites AOL brings up in 2008. Will it be a case of "Never Mind The Quality, Feel The Width" or will we see some innovation? Certainly the Top100 Videos widget, built using Air is getting a positive reception from people like Robert Scoble. So may be theange from the is a chance of seeing quality over quantity. Over the past 2 years AOL has been carving an open path. This is a massive change from the past but in some ways it is a return to their roots. After all AOL used to have a tremendous community sharing content on boards inside the AOL walled garden. I think the real test of the 30 new sites will be around how they encourage and leverage indigenous (or user generated) content. Is pixnay the first sampling of this strategy? I took a quick look and was disappointed to see no OpenID support when logging in to Pixnay.

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