Thursday, March 20, 2008

Healthcare - Am I off base?

In my last post I noted that Health 2.0 was hitting the radar at SXSW. Today I was reading a Gartner paper that basically states that (forgive me for paraphrasing):
  • Health insurers are focused on transactions
  • There is a lack of decision making tools available that might appeal to their consumers.
  • Health insurers may measure their effectiveness against each other but that misses the point
  • Health insurers as a group are rated lower than banks and other financial services sites.
You then couple that information with a quote from Steve Rubel
"most brand web sites may not matter in 2012"
This bought me to this realization - If I am in the healthcare industry How Do I target stakeholders that I don't understand with services they don't really want? Now I don't want to get Cluetrain advocates berating me for using the wrong term. I used the term "stakeholder" because the people involved can include members, prospective members, employers, providers and partners. Services they don't want What do I mean by this? Basically why do I have to go to a site to check whether a claim is being dealt with. Shouldn't I be able to assume it will be handled in an accurate and timely manner and you will reach out to me if this is not the case? So what services do people want of their health care insurer? I have my ideas. If you have your let me know - leave a comment!

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