Thursday, March 27, 2008

On Demand meets the Enterprise Portal

Mike Minelli of Compuware Covisint. Rooted in the auotmotive industry Covisint provides hosted portals, messaging and trusted identity frameworks to clients in an on-demand model of business service delivery. At the Gartner Conference they talked about "Leveraging an OnDemand Model to Consolidate Shared Enterprise Portals"
I wonder if this will just be a 30 minute infomercial or will there be something of value?
The evolution of the portal - the phases of growth:
  • Information Explosion
  • Information Consolidation
  • Information Convergence
  • Communications Convergence
Gartner's evolution of the portal places the portal in the business integration phase but not yet contributing to Business Transformation. This would seem to indicate that the lessons of Web 2.0 and Enterprise Mashups provides the potential to enable the agile enterprise - built on the infrastructure strengths of the portal.
A well designed and implemented portal enables new information feeds and composite applications to be delivered quickly without having to specifically develop functionality for security, personalization and other basic features of a good portal.
Okay - so yes - mainly an infomercial. Still it gave me a chance to catch up on twitter. On that front I am getting to like Quotably a lot. 

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