Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pan-Enterprise Search

Gary Szukalski of Autonomy presented on "Pan-Enterprise Search Platforms: Moving Beyond Single-Application Search" at the Gartner Portal and Collaboration Conference.
Context is critical in adding value to search. 
Search is a critical platform in any information-dependent enterprise. E-Discovery and Legal Hold capabilities are increasingly coming in to play. Search is converging with these legally driven applications.
People are a valid and valuable data type in an organization.  Sentiment and reputation analysis can also be captured through search. Visualization is one of the next developments in search. Deducing trends from visual association of results data.
The demands for search capabilities are including:
  • Real-time content, including IM and phone/VOIP content
  • Content analytics especially from customer service organizations
  • Retrieval for business intelligence including connections that live within email correspondence. Search adds complex filtering capabilities to business intelligence.
Enterprise Search is not passive but must be active with updates such as RSS feeds being created when relevant data changes.
What customers are not asking for:
  • Complex classification
  • Normalization pipelines at ingestion time
  • Complex query languages being exposed to users
  • Pagination - users don't wait anymore. They will just retry a search with different parameters. 

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