Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Social is about People not products

Nikos Drakos on Zero-Spending Projects. People not Products.
Here I am at the Gartner Summit on Collaboration and I would rather be spending time learning more about the work Stowe Boyd is doing with Workstreamr.
Anyway, back to the conference... We have to remember Free is never Free. We have to invest to be able to take advantage of new technologies such as Cloud computing and disposable technology. Enterprises often end up with rigid infrastructure and systems architectures. There is lots to do in order to be able to leverage consumer technologies in this environment. As I joked with other attendees this morning. It can take 15 minutes to deploy a new virtual server but it can take 3 months to convince someone to do it!
Sofware as a Service (SaaS) can change the way projects are funded.
Change management, or as I prefer, Change Visibility becomes a critical skill. 
Is the era of big bets waning? 
Smaller projects, deployed more quickly, driven by fast decision making with clear metrics for success and failure.
Making more of an IT budget means doing more with people and reducing capital costs. However, as you drive down Capital costs expect to see people and change management costs increase proportionately.
Enough of this... no real revelations. Should I have expected any? Off to try another track.
Side bar: As an Enterprise-oriented event Windows laptops are everywhere. However, I did manage to find the Mac Laptop ghetto. This confirms my suspicions that Apple is making in roads in to the enterprise and the iPhone is the Trojan Horse behind this change.  

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