Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Deep Trends in Web 2.0

Tim O'Reilly gave the Web 2.0 Keynote. 
We are changing the way the world works. 1. Web 2.0 in the Enterprise - Web 2.0 is about turning themselves inside out 2. Web 2.0 - the web as platform - the web evolves into the cloud 3. Mobile phones and ubiquitous sensors are changing the world and reducing the influence of the PC Desktop. Collective Intelligence - Applications that get better the more people use them. Web 2.0 is about real-time user-facing services that provide services based upon the meaning of the data they are handling. Wesabe ( was cited as an example where collective data is made available. Enterprise 2.0 is about letting users in to your back office and turning your company inside out. Every true Web 2.0 company is building a database that grows in value in proportion to the number of participants. Cloud Computing - Clay Shirky "Thomas Watson of IBM once claimed there would be no need for more than 5 computers. ..... We know he was wrong. He overstated the number by Four" The Network is the computer. A VC is mapping to the growth of Facebook. Facebook is $14.8B greater value because of centralization. We need to think about software above the level of a single device. Mobile does not equal the phone. Sensors and the world of Ambient Computing Applications will be driven by sensors. Are we done yet? NO!
We need to go after the big hard problems and live by audacious, big hairy goals.
"Whether you win or lose - Make a Difference."