Sunday, April 13, 2008

Heist some great software

For the Mac users amongst us MacHeist has just announced their latest package. I bought the last MacHeist bundle. For $49 you get a tremendous array of useful Mac shareware.
The highlight of the latest bundle could well be DEVONthink Personal is like having a second brain sitting on your Mac. Other applications I am tempted by in the bundle include Awaken, CoverSutra, iClip and Wallet. 
Awaken is a sleep timer and alarm clock for iTunes. CoverSutra adds an additional way to interact with iTunes. iClip gives you a multiple clipboard capability. Wallet allows you to store all sorts of useful bits of information, like product serial numbers securely.
For those MacBook Air users out there take a look at XSlimmer. One thing that discouraged me from buying a MacBook Air was the size of the hard disk. If you go in to the Apple Store and take a look at the Air it has about 15Gb of free space on the hard disk when all of the demo applications have been added. XSlimmer was made for the Air. It does a simple thing. It goes through your software applications and removes the code and languages inside universal binaries that aren't required for your machine. So on an Air it will remove all the PowerPC binary code and slim down the space required leaving more room for your documents, music and pictures.
The MacHeist is always being updated but the $49 bundle is a limited time offer. During the last bundling additional applications were added to the bundle during the life of the offer. But, don't worry - that is no reason to delay because the additional applications are made available to all purchasers.
If you wanted one final feel good reason to purchase the bundle, here it is: 25% of the $49 fee is donated to charity 10 charities. You can choose to split the money evenly or donate to one specific charity. The charities you can choose from include:
  • Direct Relief International (Disaster Relief)
  • AIDS Research Alliance (AIDS)
  • The Nature Conservancy (Environmental Protection)
  • World Wildlife Fund (Animal Protection)
  • Action Against Hunger
  • Alliance for Climate Protection
  • Humane Society International
  • Save Darfur
  • Prevent Cancer Foundation
  • Save the Children (Child Welfare)
So do a good deed and do yourself a favor. Pick up some cool Mac OS X applications. Take part in the MacHeist!