Friday, April 25, 2008

The Network is the Computer

Sun get a bad wrap a lot of the time but they have had the belief that "the network is the computer
Jonathan Schwartz is one of the best known CEO bloggers. His view is that his role is one of communication. He simply uses the Internet and blogging to communicate both inside and outside the company.
"The worst thing to do is to get the PR department to write your blog"
Blogging as a term will become anachronistic over time. 
Why spend $1B on a company that gives its products away for free? MySQL is not a charity. They have great revenues. Sun doesn't have a database so there are great synergies to be achieved.
Even Commodity grids of machines are being beefed up with multi-cores.
Everything will be virtualized - not just machines but storage and networks too.
Power is a growing issue. Power is the number two expense in web companies. 
20% of energy in data centers is spent moving air around. Sun's virtualized black box is designed as a shipping container because:
  • It can be moved to places of low cost power
  • It can be managed remotely
The wrap up comment was interesting:
"The Network is the Computer    ... but data is the currency"