Monday, May 12, 2008

Health 2.0 and HealthCamp - Going beyond throwing sheep

Having attended SocialDevCamp East last Saturday I have been thinking about the possible themes for HealthCampMd that I am organizing on June 14th. One of the sessions held at SocialDevCamp East looked at Data Privacy and Data Portability from a Health Care perspective. The conversation ranged across:

  • Use of OpenID and OAuth.
  • Application of microformats.
  • Managing privacy.
  • Granularity in the sharing of private data.

Each of these topics could form the basis of a substantial discussion in its own right.

I am keen to see discussion around software development that could enhance information services for both health care professionals and the public who are using health care services.

At SocialDevCamp East one of the sessions demonstrated how publicly available train schedule data can be used to provide a more workable, user friendly timetable enquiry system. Can we do the same thing to enrich provider directories and other health care data sources? I believe that it is possible and that the software community can do this more quickly than incumbents in the industry. I also believe that we can find ways to monetize these new services.

When the health care industry represents about 15% of Gross Domestic Product, in other words a market of trillions of dollars, there has to be room for profitable innovation.

So, sign up for the event on June 14th and put on your thinking caps. Add some session topic ideas to the agenda for HealthCampMd.

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