Saturday, June 07, 2008

Twitter list keeps growing

My list of Twitter applications and services keeps on growing. I keep stumbling across new services on a regular basis. Despite on going reliability problems the Twitter ecosystem seems to be alive and well.

The latest six updates to "Twittering More Ways" are:

  • ttytter - Possibly the ultimate in geek! A command line perl client for twitter.
  • MoodBlast - update multiple chat clients including twitter with this Mac OS X Leopard application.
  • Selfreferential - This is probably bad programming style but this is like twitter(twitter()). Tweets about Twitter.
  • TwitterPark - This is linked to by Selfreferential. News about Twitter.
  • FeedTweeter - This currently closed Beta will feed an RSS feed to Twitter. I am not sure how I feel about this getting in to the wild. Will people abuse this capability. On the other hand this could be a great way to copy status messages from other services to Twitter.
  • DoesFollow - This is so simple yet so cool. Yes, I am one in 21,119 as of 2:32 EST on 7th June. Are you one in 21,119? Just fill in the details to answer the question Does "Scobleizer" follow "{Your twitter handle}". Of course you can also check to see if anyone else follows you.

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