Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The future of Car Radio arrives - in the Apple App Store

Apple may have done it again - without even trying. They may just have turned radio on it's head. More specifically, car radio.

AOL was a launch partner in the App store delivering CBS Radio via the iPhone. Last.FM and my favorite - Pandora have also arrived. There are in fact a handful of other radio applications, most of which require you to purchase the application.

Th great thing about Last.FM and Pandora is that they learn your musical preferences and tailor your listening experience to your tastes. They critical development is that these applications will stream music over the WiFi, 3G or EDGE networks.

Pandora's iPhone application is really neat. You can use your same account from the web. Pandora retains the same ultra simple interface from the web. They have also added a really neat option to bookmark songs or purchase them from the iTunes store.

Now all I need to do is to find an interface for the iPhone that will eliminate the static buzz from the cellular radio and the car radio gets a new lease of life. It is now possible to drive to work listening to Pandora.

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  1. yes, but I can still buy a decent stereo FM radio with earbuds for $20.