Saturday, August 02, 2008

RSS Tricks at BarCampRDU

Nathan Gilliatt gave an interesting talk on RSS tricks. The first example was using feed informer to consolidate feeds.

AideRSS filters RSS feeds based on popularity based on comments, posts to etc.

Feedblitz provides RSS to email integration is another site that lets you manipulate RSS feeds.

But how can you do this inside the enterprise firewall?

You could use Presto from JackBe?

Another alternative that I thought of is to install the Open Source version of SocialText and use the platform to collect RSS feeds and re-purpose those feeds via a wiki page.

Microsoft's SharePoint is not an option if you want to aggregate or filter SharePoint RSS feeds because the RSS feed handler in SharePoint does not handle the authenticated feeds produced by SharePoint.

Deciding the Agenda at BarCampRDU

Campers deciding the Agenda at BarCampRDU earlier today.

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  1. Interestingly, a lot of discussions we've been having the last while are about corporate pains, and there appear to be a lot of potential applications of our technology (and the others listed, I'm sure) within the enterprise, from the intranet to customer service to PR. Definitely something that will be an ongoing discussion.