Friday, September 12, 2008

HealthCampDc - The Sessions

HealthCampDc has a diverse group of attendees. There is already a stimulating conversation going.

This will probably be a "Stream of Consciousness" Blog or series of Blogs.

Pew Internet - Health and Social Media study

Social Media and Health. Lots of talk. What is the true picture? The Pew primary audience are journalists. Venture capitalists and Entrepreneurs also track Pew's results.

National and California studies will be conducted.

"The horse is already out of the barn" So how do people access peer information?

Health 2.0

How do we deal with secondary access to our health data? i.e. Dealing with the people that don't want to be engaged or are incapable of engaging in managing their own health.

The fact is that someone has to take care of an individual's health so a delegate needs to have access to tools to manage their dependent's health. Therefore tools need to cater for delegated access. This is where standards like OAuth come in to play.

Electronic Health Records - Communicating the benefits of EHRs. THe emergency scenario resonates with people. The State of New York is implementing a network to share health records amongst providers. This will be an opt-in service. The question is how to communicate the benefits to people so they engage.

Provider and Patient

Bricks and Mortar and Virtual

  • Search
  • Community
  • Commerce
  • Coherence

"Every Consumer will be a Patient but not every Patient will be a Consumer" - Carlos Rizo.

The only person without access to electronic health records is the individual themselves.

Hyper-connected consumers (i.e. Those with a keen interest in an issue) will drive activity.

One theme of the day:

"I feel kinda stoopid"

All of use, whether payer, provider, patient, consumer, physician can be overwhelmed by the complexity of the system.

Engagement and Adoption

There is value in community but that can sometime compete with efficiency.

The HealthCare challenge is bigger than any one person or company can tackle alone.

We all have to own a part of the solution. We are all agents of change.

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