Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Organized Wisdom for looking at Doctors

In a series of demonstrations of Long tail search at Health 2.0 an interesting announcement was made. Organized Wisdom is creating "Wisdom Cards" for every practicing Doctor in the USA.

It appears that there is no shortage of content avaiable from all over the Internet. The challenge is the information engineering to make the information more easily searchable. It is also important to develop tools to provide assurance about the quality and validity of the information.

The other demonstrations came from Healthline, Healia and Kosmix's RightHealth.

One challenge for the specialized search providers is to connect people with the online special interest groups for the diseases that people are interested in when they search. This reinforces the reality that those with a specific disease can often be more knowledgeable than the general practitioners that support them. These groups can be instrumental in pointing to the relatively few really knowledgeable experts in their ailments.

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