Thursday, October 23, 2008

A world tour of Health 2.0

James Matthews of Sage Software: The first 7 word challenge was:

"Recruit Doctors. Let patients lead. Go Mobile."

The seven word challenge of Health 2.0 is:

"Use Simple Tools To Do Great Things"

India has 300 Million mobile phone subscribers. mHealth uses SMS to reach the community.

United Arab Emirates is dreaming and then getting it done. For example their HealthCare City.

Paul Meyer of Voxiva is the company behind mHealth. Their philosophy is "use what's there" that means use SMS, the web, Interactive Voice Response or smartphone applications.

Deb Levine, ISIS does SMS text messaging for Prevention and Referral. eg. RealTalk in Washington DC. The example is to text HIVinfo to 61827.

Alex Savic, Alensa is focused on eCommerce in Europe. They aim to get pharmacies online with eCommerce services. Add their products, connect to their backend software. The biggest challenge has been the legal framework that works to inhibit the adoption of eCommerce. Many countries ban mail order prescriptions.

Alensa also has a HealthBlogs network that helps bloggers monetize their content. Health Blogs are the most tructed source of health information across the world.

Thomas Leidtke of ICW is revolutionizing the pharma supply chain.

Marlene Winfield of the UK's National Health Service. The UK has a different issue. They have 50 million plus patients and universal health care is a reality. The issue is making it more effective. The patient record is a jointly owned record. It is shared with their physician. The record is HealthSpace. This is a massive cultural change in a health care world where the physician has had all of the power in the relationship.

I had to duck out of this fascinating session before Brook Partridge of VitalWave Consulting could present.

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  1. Great post. I work at Voxiva and wanted to thank you for highlighting Paul and the company in your blog. We also work in a number of other spaces using "what's there" to run citizen safety, e-government, and sales force applications.

    Thanks again for writing about Health 2.0!

    -Alex Herder