Monday, November 17, 2008

CITIH - The CIO Roundtable

Consumers are demanding improved transparency.

The perfect stor of Healthcare IT:

  • Rising costs
  • Tenacious legacy systems we can't kill
  • Increasing expectations

What is the top of mind issue for CIO?:

Sue Schade, Brigham and Women's Hospital:

"Interoperability is a big issue" Looking to make the patient experience seamless.

The patient or the care giver at the center.

Drex Deford, CIO Seattle Children's

The increasingly demanding audience and employees that have grown up with social networking and other electronic community oriented tools.

Make investments not just for technology sake.

Slayton Austria, CIO Sun Healthcare Group:

208 nursing homes providing long term care in 25 states.

"How to get information from the HealthCare systems and hospitals and deal with state-by-state rules."

"How to share information with kids and family members of the people they are caring for?"

Herb Smaltz, CIO of OSUMC:

A plethora of opportunities. A target rich environment. Patient satisfaction surveys.

"Single bill and pre-check-ins - why won't they work?"

Dee Cantrell, CIO Emory Healthcare:

Its all about better outcomes

Culture beats technology. Technology is just part of the solution.

Few technical obstacles - it gets back to culture, policy and regulation.

Quality information drives quality care.

The new generation will expect better things from us. Convenience, ease of use, integrated picture. Social networking. We need to take account of all this.

"we need collaboration tools not just internally but externally. They need to be mobile too."

Involve the consumer and patient in the solution.

The challenge is to provide the infrastructure to support all of these demands.

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