Saturday, November 22, 2008

iPhone 2.2 firmware update

Apple released the 2.2 firmware update for the iPhone and iPhone 3G. Probably the most interesting feature is the ability to download podcasts over the air. Those podcasts are not just audio streams. They can be video podcasts too.

This may seem like an innocuous feature but it gives Apple the ability to offer an equivalent to the video streaming services offered by other phones and networks. Download speed will depend on network connectivity. The Edge network is going to be slow but the development here is that unlike music purchases through the iTunes Music Store on the iPhone you do not have to be on the wifi network. Podcasts download over the cellular data network.

This update arrived the same day as he new Blackberry Storm hit the Verizon Wireless stores. Hopefully RIM will give Apple a serious run for their money and may be that will force Apple to finally work out how to do Cut and Paste on the iPhone. Come on Apple we have only been asking for Cut and Paste since the very first iPhone arrived. If Apple fixes that and allows Qik in to the App Store then the iPhone will be video capable. This would be a quick way for Apple to counter the features of the new touchscreen Blackberry Storm which includes video on a 3.2MP camera.

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