Saturday, November 08, 2008

Quit Your Job - inspiration from BarCampPhilly

Someone led one of the last sessions of the day about going independent. So what is it like to quit your job and live as a consultant.

Why do it:

  • Independence

What do you need:

  • Some expertise
  • a network of contacts

If you want to quit your job just realize that you should prepare to leave your job. Don't do it to quickly.

What are the signs you should quit your job:

  • You are coasting in your job
  • You are not getting the level of responsibility you are ready for

Make sure you have the resources to support yourself. e.g. having 3 months survival money in the bank.

It doesn't matter what your weaknesses are - as long as you recognize them.

Look at Harvest to help you manage your solo business. Or look at mashable's 270 tools to run your business.

Billing options:

  • Retainer - set fee
  • By Deliverable


  1. It was me! Thanks so much for your notes. I hope you enjoyed the session.

  2. Gosh darn, I was trying to protect people's anonymity :)