Sunday, November 02, 2008

VoteReport gets ready for Tuesday

I was at SocialDevCampEast on Saturday. It was another successful event organized by Dave Troy and friends. You can check out the activity on Twitter by doing a search on the #sdc2 Hashtag.

A couple of weeks ago I was at the Health 2.0 Conference. Robert Kolodner highlighted one of the 7 word memes from the event:

"Use Simple Tools To Do Great Things"

The work that is being done around NPR's VoteReport initiative is a shining example of that meme in action. If you have not looked at #VoteReport you need to do so.

The VoteReport session was one of the most heavily attended sessions of the day. Dave Troy gave an overview of the work being done in conjunction with NPR and Andycarvin. In the space of a couple of weeks a volunteer team has come together, virtually over the Internet, using donated servers, phone lines and a host of other resources. The grass roots team has created an application to track problems at voting stations at the coming election. The system uses phone lines, twitter and sms to track issues.

To participate you can do one of the following things:

SMS Text: Send a text message to 66937. Begin the message with the phrase #votereport, include your ZIP code and a very brief description of the problem.

Twitter: Send a tweet with the phrase #votereport making sure to include your zip code and a description of the problem.

iPhone and Google Phone: Download the iPhone app from the education section of the iPhone app store. For the Google phone, go to the Android Market and search for "votereport."

YouTube: In conjunction with PBS and YouTube's Video Your Vote project, you can upload a video to report any problems you experience.

There will also be a phone line to record a voicemail report. Check out the NPR site at This project is moving at breakneck speed. The volunteers on this project have accomplished amazing work in just two short weeks.

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