Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Flash and the iPhone

According to Mobile Crunch, Apple has reportedly changed their position on "Duplicate Functionality" applications on the iPhone and in the Apps Store.

This is raising the question of whether we will see Flash appear on the iPhone. Personally, I believe that Apple is holding out against Flash on the iPhone for strategic rather than technical reasons. Here are my thoughts:

  • With Quicktime as the de facto video standard on the iPhone, success with the iPhone supports the growth of Quicktime. Look at Google developing a library that supports Quicktime instead of just flash.
  • If Flash was available on the iPhone it would further encourage developers and media people to produce for the Flash Movie format.
  • Look how the Movie Studios produce trailers using Quicktime. Does Apple want to lose that business to Adobe?  

I am sure there are some technical reasons, such as processor load and battery life impact that can justify Apple's stance but at the heart of the issue is more likely the strategic battle with Adobe for control of video formats used by the entertainment industry.


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