Sunday, March 15, 2009

HealthCamp Season

A couple of weeks ago HealthCampDc was held at the CareFirst offices in Washington DC. A great crowd turned up and actively participated throughout the day. This event is kicking off a great season of HealthCamps. People all over the world are starting up HealthCamps. Watch out for them in Canada, the UK and across the USA.

New HealthCamps are in the planning phase for HealthCampSanDiego and HealthCampToronto.

The biggest HealthCamp event is taking place in Philadelphia. HealthCampPhila happens on Saturday March 28th. There are a few sponsor and participant places left but the event is headed for a sell-out with over 100 people planning to attend. You can check for tickets on eventbrite at

The following week I am hoping to attend the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco. If I make it out there I plan to run some HealthCampSF sessions as part of the event. If you are attending the event then watch out for those events in the Web2Open Un-Conference and Birds of a Feather tracks.

Later on in April, I also hope to make it to Boston for the Health 2.0 conference. Planning is underway to run a HealthCamp Workshop on April 21st. If you are planning to get to Health 2.0 then come a day early and join in with HealthCampBoston! Planning for this event beings in earnest tomorrow. A conference call for people interested in organizing this event takes place on Monday March 16th at 4pm EST. If you are interested in joining in the call then please drop me a message on Twitter (@ekivemark) with the hashtag #HCBos09.

HealthCampSf will be somewhat an ad-hoc event but if you are planning to attend then drop me a message on twitter (@ekivemark) with the hashtag #HCSF09.


  1. Anonymous4:35 AM


    We are gonna hold HealthCamp Azerbaijan in Baku at end of May

    I will be glad to be in touch with you

  2. Don't forget about HealthCampNash on May 30! We'd love for you to come down, Mark :-)