Tuesday, April 21, 2009

HealthCampBoston and SocialPharmer happen today (4/21)

HealthCampBoston with SocialPharmer takes place today at Microsoft's New England Research and Development Center, One Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA.

As a pre-cursor to Health 2.0 that happens later this week in Boston, this event has attracted a large group of participants.

You can follow the action using the Twitter Hashtags of #HCBos and #SocPharm.

We are thankful to our sponsors and Friends of HealthCamp that have made this event possible.

You can check out the HealthCamp Schedule using your iPhone or smartphone using Carl Lusby's brilliant Scheduling app. The URL is s.healthcampboston.org.

There should be plenty of people tweeting today. Check out the event feeds on CoverItLive below:

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