Sunday, May 17, 2009

HealthCampMd is taking shape. Come and join in

We are a month from HealthCampMd. But it is a busy month ahead before we get to HealthCampMd on Friday June 19th.

HealthCamp is becoming an international movement. One event I can't get to happens next week. That is HealthCamp Azerbaijan which takes place in Baku, Azerbaijan on May 23-24th.

One event I am planning on attending is HealthCampNash which happens in two weeks time, on May 30th. I am looking forward to my first trip to Nashville. This should be another great HealthCamp event. It will be a chance to meet up again with some of the amazing innovators I met at HealthCampBoston, the Health2.0 Accelerator and the Health 2.0 Conference in Boston (Including Chris Parks and the folks at Change:Healthcare).

People are already signing up for HealthCampMd which is taking place on the Owings Mills campus at Stevenson University.

We are planning to make Friday June 19th a very special day in the HealthCamp Calendar. Three HealthCamps are in fact taking place that day:

If our plans work out we hope to be broadcasting video from each event and arranging a three-way link up between them.

This is going to be a great way to celebrate the first anniversary of this amazing HealthCamp movement. It is inspiring to see how far HealthCamps have progressed in one short year. It is also fitting that HealthCamp celebrates the first anniversary at Stevenson University. HealthCampMd took place in June 2008 at Stevenson University. It was the first public event to take place there for the former Villa Julie College as it transitioned to a full university. Since then events have been growing as the word spreads. HealthCampPhila in March 2009 saw over 100 people sign up for an event hosted by Jefferson University. HealthCampBoston built on this inertia and had nearly 150 people attend an event hosted and sponsored by Microsoft at their New England Research and Development center.

HealthCamp UK 2009 is gaining a lot of coverage by being part of the UK Department of Health's NHS Innovation Expo, "a unique opportunity to catch up with the best in healthcare innovation from the public, private, voluntary, academic and scientific communities".

The HealthCampSanDiego event is gaining a lot of attention since it was featured on BlogTalk Radio.

If you are a developer and want to know how you can get involved in the HealthCamp movement then please come along to the HealthCampMd event in Owings Mills. I am planning to hold a session to plan the evolution of a central HealthCamp network site. Progress is already being made on that front. SocialText have offered their platform as a home for HealthCamp and the domain already points there. The social tools in the latest version of SocialText's platform offer a great base on which to build the on-line healthcamp community. My sincerest thanks go out to Ross Mayfield, Eugene Lee and the SocialText team for their generosity in supporting the HealthCamp movement.

If you want to get involved in HealthCamp then go to and register. Join the HealthCamp workspaces. You can help us create a great resource that supports future HealthCamps.

I am also working on some ideas to further enable the HealthCamp movement. I hope to announce some of those plans at HealthCampMd. The June events are a springboard to even greater things happening later in the year. Plans are afoot for events in New York, San Francisco and Toronto.

If you are planning to go to the next Health 2.0 Conference or Health 2.0 Accelerator in October, 2009 in San Francisco then you will also want to plan on attending HealthCampSFBay which is being hosted by Kaiser Permanente in their world renowned innovation center in Oakland, CA on Monday October 5th.

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