Monday, July 06, 2009

HealthCamp - Spreading the word - a call to Healthcamp Organizers

It has been a while since I last blogged. A lot has been happening, including a successful HealthCampMd event on the 19th June at Stevenson University.

I had intended to blog earlier but my Mac needed resuscitation at the local Apple Hospital. Thankfully, he had a health plan (The good 'ol Apple Protection Plan) and after a successful transplant (a new logic board) he has speedily returned home and back in to the fray.

After being cajoled by Jen McCabe (@jensmccabe) I submitted a proposal for a session to Medicine 2.0 which is being held later this year,in Toronto on September 17-18th. My session is about "how to run a successful HealthCamp."

Since I am planning to be in Toronto for the conference I am also working with Carlos Rizo (@carlosrizo) to run HealthCampToronto on Wednesday September 16th. Other HealthCamp events are in the works in New York and San Francisco Bay in September and October.

I have had requests from many parts of the country to run Healthcamps. In response to that demand I am planning an online Organizer Conference. If you are interested in running a HealthCamp event in your area please get in touch. You can leave a comment on this blog or drop me a message on Twitter (@ekivemark).

The online conference will have a limited number of slots and there will be a nominal participant charge in order to cover webinar and associated costs. As with past HealthCamp events, any surplus from the event goes towards the fledgling Foundation, a public charity I am organizing to promote HealthCamps around the country and around the world. Those funds are used to promote HealthCamp and help kick start other HealthCamp events.