Saturday, October 24, 2009

#hcmn - American Idol Doctors

Real  time commentary from #hcmn HealthCampMinnesota
Panel moderated by Chris Bevolo, President of Interval (@IntervalChris)

BlueCross BluesShield Minnesota leting consumers tell health related stories. Feedback and discussion

Tammy Young: (@ymmat)

Very focused on the customer narrative. The stories matter - it is trying to capture the personal word of mouth. 
HealthScoop has a 4 to 1 positive reporting. The positive is more passionate.

Chris Boyer @chrisboyer - Social Media Strategist From

Rating Doctors and Hospitals.

The internet is becoming a bigger influence than friends and family. 

Tammy: Narrative is more powerful than a simple rating. People can gain a sense from the language used.

The Site is community moderated. 

@chrisboyer Why do we know more about sport scores than we do about our health scores.

HealthScoop: Providers can participate on the site. Slow uptake. 

HealthGrades every hospital with medicare data. Some build a relationship, some don't.

Data is sourced from Medicare. Doctor ratings will come from same source. Only 17 states report all payer data in a consistent manner.

When Hospitals pay for HealthGrade license to use the Grading. They also pay to get help in promoting and using gradings.

Health Grades has an annual summit to evaluate the interpretation of the data they are using.

Language differences:

Hispanic audiences use Family and Friends more. They also use internet less but mobile devices more. 

What is missing? 

The Audience: Quantitive data. 

Chris Boyer: State of NY reports quality. Quality improved after reporting started.

Minnesota has Quality Reporting: 

HealthGrades - their home page is no longer their home page. They realized people are going to Google to search and getting to HealthGrades specific pages from Google.

HealthGrades: Social Media is here to stay and is real conversations and not just "chatter"

CMS provides the information but people go to HealthGrades because it is more accessible.

How do physicians get in to the conversation: HealthCareScoop: enhancements 

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