Wednesday, October 07, 2009

#health2con - Accelerator UnPlatform

The Health 2.0 Accelerator 

Showcasing innovation of intermingled applications.

Interoperable tools in the Health 2.0 Accelerator Tools Network

First up 

Medikeeper provides a Personal Health Record with widgets of use to the member.
A tracker, A health risk assessment, a health savings widget from change healthcare, and alerts 

Change:healthcare module demonstrates how to change money. Including scripts to make the switch of pharmacy and a map to display where to go.

CH has introduced an AskCH twitter client to allow people to ask personalized questions.

Sage is integrated from Change=:HealthCare to allow a consumer to book an appointment and link in to the Practice Management system of the provider.

Sage has linked to a health questionnaire provided by MedSimple.

MedSimple  provides a health Questionnaire that is completed before the office visit.  This allows the patient and doctor to focus on the issue rather than the paperwork and data collection.

Questionnaire arrives in PDF form. Sage supports CCR formats which will be a future enhancement in the integration.

Sage issues the e-prescription after a doctor's visit.

Data gets exported to Microsoft HealthVault.

Medikeeper pulls the information back from Microsoft HealthVault to update her medication details.

PharmaSurveyor  is then used to work out drug interactions based on the data in the HealthVault records.
This is used to run a medications safety survey.

Interactions are not the only issue. Toxicity can add up and cause side effects.

In this example, although no side effects but she has been using a Polka application to track her drug usage.

@mikekirkwood is demonstrating the personal health platform.

Polka is a platform for capturing Observations of Daily Living. More than just drug usage.

Polka can include Over The Counter medications. 
Embedded in to iPhone and web platform.

PharmaSurveyor can also link in meds from Polka using HealthVault.

FirstDataBank was working behind the scenes.  Their Mission "A World Free of Medication Error"
Check out the FDB NDDF+ and the Drug Code Lookup Service.

PharmaSurveyor can then be used to identify side effects, simulate alternatives for discussion with her doctor.

Amazing interoperability demo

Did Sage blow it  with "What your doc allows you to see"???

Erik VonS Geeking out.

Bottoms up community work to use standards.
Open Framework for tools standards and patterns the Accelerator is evolving.

Marty Tannenbaum "You have just seen the future of HealthCare" Prediction, Personalization.

To get to the next level: What services can we add to this mix?

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