Wednesday, October 07, 2009

#health2con Data Drives Decisions

Oracle are sponsoring, John Foster, VP Health Care introduces the panel.

Panel moderated by Indu Subaiya, Health 2.0

Part 1 - Tools and platforms to support clinical decision-making by Doctors.

- Rex Jakobovits,
- Lance Hill, Within3

Within3 is building online HC communities for professionals Radiological sharing tool
100,000 images. example images reducing error rates.

Lance H:
Taking the annual meeting process online and extending it to a 365 day experience.
Aiming to improve the learning experience for medical professionals

Rex J: 
The flash based browser app had an accidental by-product in that sample images could be used for comparison to help with diagnosis.
- Convenience for radiologists is key. helps them be more efficient. Makes the solution attractive.
- Usage of your images on myPACS can count towards professional credits.
- MyPACS is international. 

Large organizations using tools and platforms to help consumers make decisions

- Sanjay Koyani, US FDA

Social Media use to communicate on product recalls

Demonstration of use of YouTube, Twitter and other tools for product recalls.
13k followers on @FDARecalls
Partnered with CDC Health e-Cards

Will be launching interface via SMS Text messages.

"The FDA as a platform"

- Hugo Stephenson, iGuard

Providing product and safety info on prescription medications

Answers the question - "How Safe Are Your Meds?"

You no longer need to depend on the news. Instead you can have information customized to the individual.

The level of recalls is significant. 

The reality is we have to get information out.

6 or more meds -= 50% chance of drug interaction

- John DeSouza, MedHelp

9M users on MedHelp. 400 condition specific sites.

Began as an "Ask the Doctor a Question"

Now switching around to user lens and monitoring readings.

How is democratization of clinical research process changing research

- Kristin Peck, Pfizer
- Alexandra Carmichael, CureTogether
- Jamie Haywood, PatientsLikeMe
- Amy DuRoss, Navigenics
- Sanjay Koyani, US FDA

Kristin Peck:
Putting Patients at the center.  Let them decide.
Pfizer can't do it alone. Need industry standards.

Alexandra Carmichael:
CureTogether - information site for 300 conditions.

Jamie Haywood, PatientsLikeMe:
"Given my status what is the best possible outcome and how can I achieve that"

To much data in a system that punishes harshly for error

PatientsLikeMe is bringing the power and wisdom of the crowds to bear on critical health issues in a scarily powerful way.
Jamie Haywood: "Pharma is an information business that aims to understand the impact of chemicals on the human body"

CureTogether announce that they have identified a linkage between Migraine and Fibromyalgia based upon their user submitted data.

Navigenics focuses on clinical aspect of genome. ie. not Geneological.

Pfizer: Can gov't be more flexible on drug regulation now that there are tools that can gather info more quickly and effectively. 

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