Tuesday, October 06, 2009

#health2con - The power Patient Panel

Amy Tenderich, Diabetes Mine

- Jen McCabe, Contagion Health
- Trisha Torrey, Every Patient's Advocate
- Gilles Frydman, ACCOR (@gfry)
- ePatientDave deBronkart, The new life of ePatient Dave
- Susannah Fox, Pew Internet

Trisha Torrey - Why are the patients on their separate panel. Health 2.0 hasn't integrated the Patient. What hope do we have in healthcare if we don't practice what we preach.

@jensmccabe We make micro choices on a daily basis that add up to our life and lifestyle. No tools recognize and support that today.

@gilles Health 2.0 is not about technology. The informed patient is the most under utilized capability in the Health Care System

@jensmccabe - Caution: Build tools that support BUT DO NOT Require engagement

@epatientdave - Health 2.0 tools not advancing as fast as iPhones and iPods.

@epatientdave Empowerment is education and tools to allow independent action

Question - how do we integrate patient groups in to health care.

@susannahfox ProjectHealthDesign could only fund 5 of 100 submissions.

Trisha Torrey - We need the success stories to encourage doctors.

@jensmccabe we have to be able to have serious discussions. No action is a valid option.

@gfry do we want patients to be integrated? Health Care Reform is guranteed to fail because Patients are not involved in reform

@jensmccabe Very interested in being paid for healthy behaviors rather than being paid to not be sick.

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