Friday, October 23, 2009

#ITOH EMRs and the future of HealthCare

real time notes from the sessions at IT Optimization in HealthCare. #ITOH

Presentation by Dr. Lyle Berkowitz - director Szollosi HealthCare Innovation Program (

Lyle also blogs at

Will we get to a new architecture that enables innovation. This session will look at some of the crazy ideas for innovation.

Peter Szollosi "Dont tell me what you can't do"

Easy to say no but more interesting to try something.

Innovation as a science. Peter Drucker says it is a systemic process.

Time for a Paradigm shift with EMRs.

We have had slow evolution and have replicated the paper record. The result is poor.

Focus on what we need and not worry about the legacy EMR. Use IT.


ExpectED - A web-based app that allows physicians to electronically notify the ER of an incoming patient.

Inflection Navigator - A web-based tool to guide navigators in leading a patient through a health care inflection point. eg. When someone discovers they have cancer.

First Principles of the new EMR:

- Flexible
- Intuitive
- Reliable
- Speedy
- Topical

Stop thinking about discrete tasks and consider the context of the task. Provide the supporting information that provides the context.

The ideal future of the EMR will redistribute the time spent dealing with a patient.

Payment and Delivery innovation in recent Stimulus legislation will trigger innovation. Pilots will report back to Congress in 2012.

We have to challenge EMR vendors to support real openness.

New Care Models such as Medical Homes are emerging. Also online care is coming in to the picture.

- 400 Vendors in the Ambulatory EMR market.

Innovators should focus on the User Interface - not the plumbing and data models. We need openness to allow innovators to tap in to established EMR platforms.

Docs that have never lived with an EMR will probably choose something simple that looks like the traditional paper record.

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