Friday, November 06, 2009

Cable Industry showing they are out of touch with the upcoming generation

The Article in Slashdot points to the Cable Industry losing touch with the upcoming generation of consumers.

Techdirt has pointed out yet another cable exec that just doesn't quite get it. Comcast's COO, Steve Burke, recently urged the TV industry to find ways to "get consumers to change" rather than figure out better methods to cater to demand."'An entire generation is growing up, if we don't figure out how to change that behavior so it respects copyright and subscription revenue on the part of distributors, we're going to wake up and see cord cutting.' How many consumers, in any market, are focused on 'respecting' vendors' revenue streams? How, exactly, does he propose to effect this sea change? And why not just develop products that consumers will willingly pay for, rather than trying to change consumer behavior in such a fundamental way?"
The democratization of content and information is changing the playing field. The answer isn't to attempt mass indoctrination. Instead the cable and other industries (I include the Health Care Industry in this group) have to wake up and work out how they can clearly demonstrate the value they provide.  Stop building walls to keep me in or out and instead put effort in to creating real value that I want to pay for.

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