Thursday, November 05, 2009

#hcnyc Countdown to HealthCampNYC - 1 day to go!

Once again HealthCamp hits the big apple! Last year HealthCamp took place under the umbrella of the Web 2.0 Expo in the un-conference track. This year, thanks to the the tireless efforts of Eugene Borukhovich (@healthEugene) HealthCampNYC (#hcnyc) stands on its own. Saturday morning at 8:30 sees HealthCampNYc kick off at the Teacher's college in Columbia.
We have worked out an arrangement with the college to allow last minute participants to join in. So head over to and grab a ticket and join in.
If you can't make the event in person please check out the Twitter Stream. The CoverItLive feed should be available (See Below) or over on the network's wiki at The CoverItLive feed is on the Discussion page.

Okay, I am off to pack ready for the trip up on Friday. If you make it to HealthCampNYC come and say hello. If you can't make the event but will be near Washington DC on Tuesday December 1st then you could come along to the #SecretDCHealthCamp  ....whoops. I was supposed to be keeping that a secret. So please, don't tell anyone you don't know!