Saturday, November 07, 2009

#hcnyc09 - Do you want to know when you are going to die?

Real time commentary from HealthCampNYC

@jmbhan led a discussion on health screening.

How should we handle Health Screening?

Getting the patient in the door for a screening is personal responsibility.

Then the Doctor initiates the screening.

Stakeholders in the Screening:

- Patients/Consumers (should be educated enough)
- Employers
- Corporate Wellness

- Health Providers
- Doctors

- Payers

- Service Providers
- Labs (Like Quest, LabCorp)

How do we streamline the process. 

- Ordering and resulting tests.

A doctor with 3-4000 patients can't plan and execute all the screenings necessary.

Could we have an assisting process that enabled the patient to work out:

- What tests are available
- What tests are needed / recommended for the specific patient
- What is covered by their plan

- What about patient's who don't know what they have access to?

Can we create an app that uses Q&A via SMS text to guide people to the tests they should be taking.

Can we create a collaborative screening process that helps to decide what are the appropriate tests to have and evaluate the results.

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