Sunday, November 08, 2009

#hcnyc09 - The future of online communities

Real time commentary from HealthCampNYC

@Gfry Gilles Frydman of ACOR led the discussion on the future of online communities.

Is the objective to "make me better" or to "cure the disease" - These are two different objectives.

ACOR wants to work out how to de-identify data in their archives so they can open the data to the world. 

80% of people who find ACOR come from Google.

"The next generation of on-line communities should be built on schemas designed by the communities themselves."

"Social Structured Data Systems"

The current generation have been designed by specialists.

General discussion:

"While we wait for the revolution people are dying" We have to start change now - even if it only impacts a few people.

"If Health wants to make a difference then we have to move from using facts and figures to talking to the heart."

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