Monday, November 30, 2009

#SecretDCHC - just a few hours away

Tuesday 1st December sees #SecretDCHealthCamp happen in Washington DC. This is not your usual HealthCamp.The event is a planning day.

I have two objectives in mind for this camp, but as ever, the outcome will be driven by the participants.

1. Health 2.0 Goes to Washington

Put the planning and organization in to effect to create a June 2010 event that brings HealthCamp, The Health2.0 Accelerator and the Health 2.0 Conference to the Nation's Capital. The discussions around this effort are scheduled for 11:00am (Eastern time) and a Conference Call will be opened up so people can join in the discussion.

The Call in details are:
Phone: +1.410.880.4287  or +1.877.232.4287
Conference ID: 81127
Passcode: Passcode is not required.

2. HealthCamp 2010 Calendar

There are a number of HealthCamps already pencilled in for 2010. There are also a number of HealthCamps we would like to see happen - in places like Paris and Berlin. For these to happen HealthCamp needs sponsors and local organizers. We therefore want to construct a calendar of HealthCamp events and look at what other Health related conferences are taking place that Camps might be able to run alongside.

There are also a number of regional gaps in HealthCamp coverage we would therefore like to see how we can get HealthCamps to happen in places like Seattle, Chicago, Ohio and Texas. 

If you can help we would love you to get involved. As a first step we are encouraging people to tweet potential dates for the calendar. To do this publish a tweet that includes "HealthCamp Calendar" together with a projected date and location. 
For example: HealthCamp Calendar Jan/Feb 2010 San Diego

We will use these tweets to compile the HealthCamp 2010 Calendar.

Can you keep a secret? Then come and light the fuse for 2010 at #SecretDcHealthCampThere is still space available.

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